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John, 4th Duke of Atholl, Grand Master of the Antients

1775-1781 & 1791-1813

  • Born 30th June 1755; Son of the 3rd Duke (Grand Master 1771-1774)
  • Representative peer for Scotland, 1780-1786. F.R.S. 1780; Captain – General & Governor in-Chief of the Isle of Man 1793
  • Lord Lieut. of Co. of Perth 1794-1830
  • Colonel Perthshire Militia 1798
  • P.C. 1797; K.T. 1800

In the Grand Master’s Lodge, on 25th Feb. 1755 was “Admitted his Grace the Duke of Atholl into the 1st; 2nd; & 3rd degree and after Proper Instructions had been given proposed (he) should be immediately installed Master of the Grand Master’s Lodge No. 1 which was accordingly done”

  • Grand Master 1775-1781 & 1791-1813. Antients
  • Grand Master of Scotland 1778-1789

In accepting the office he informed the Grand Lodge of the “Antients” that he “imagined it might accrue to the advantage of Ancient Masonry in England by indubitably shewing the tenets to be the same!

  • Joining the Old King’s Arms Lodge (Now No. 28) 1811

An advocate of Union between the two Grand Lodges, he resigned the Grand Mastership in favour of the Duke of Kent in November 1813.

  • Died 29th September 1830
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