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There are three catagories of membership of the Association of Atholl Lodges:

  • Atholl Lodges
  • Lodges with Atholl connections
  • Individuals with an interest in Atholl

We also welcome 'Special Circumstance' members as well, the membership and title of who may be conferred as agreed by the Committee.

The four main catagories are titled as thus:

  • Full Membership - for those Atholl Lodges who can demonstrate a pure heritage with unbroken (or consolidated) roots
  • Associate Membership - for those Lodges who have Atholl links and those which have other historical alignment or a kinship with Atholl
  • Affiliate Membership - for any other Lodges or individuals or groups who have an interest in Atholl or wish to conduct historical research
  • Concomitant Membership - for Chapters (e.g. RA - MARK - KT etc...)

All catagories of membership are invited to pay a 'subscription levy' which will vary according to the catagory of membership and is payable on an annual basis. The levy is agreed and reviewed annually by a proposition at the Annual General Meeting.


  • The committee normally meets four (4) times a year on a quarterly basis and has a 'closed' format (the Summer meeting will be the AGM and will be 'open').
  • The venue for the AGM is normally London but quarterly meetings may from time to time be held in alternative venues.
  • Notice of the AGM is given at least four (4) weeks before the date of the meeting.
  • Voting at the AGM is vested in full or associate members. Each qualifying member has one (1) vote. Affiliate members have no voting rights.
  • Postal votes may be exercised providing they are received by the Secretary at least seven (7) days before the scheduled date of the meeting.
  • The Chair has the right to use a 'casting' vote in the event of a tied vote at all meetings including the AGM.
  • An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called by notice given by ten voting members with four (4) weeks prior notice being given in writing to the Secretary with the intention and reason thereof stated.
  • Voting at quarterly committee meetings is based on a one vote per elected member basis.
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