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The 12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales)

The Regiment was raised in July 1715, as Bowles’ Dragoons, to meet the rebellion led by the Old Pretender. By 1742 it was numbered the “12th” and in 1768 was converted to Light Dragoons and granted the title “12th, or Prince of Wales’s Light Dragoons.

Owing to the fine performance of the French Lancers regiments at the battle of Waterloo on the 18th June 1815, some British Light Dragoons were converted to Lancer Regiments and this regiment was so converted in 1816, and at the same time was granted the title “Royal”.

11th September 1960 Amalgamated with The 9th Queen’s Royal Lancers to form:



255.I.C. 7th March 1755.

  • Worshipful Master James Crawford
  • Senior Warden Samuel Killpatrick
  • Junior Warden Thomas Fisher
  • A further 70 brethren registered up to 27th June 1785.
  • Warrant cancelled 6th July 1815.

179. I.C. 5 th January 1804.

  • Worshipful Master Samuel Hinds
  • Senior Warden Abel. Hammon
  • Junior Warden William Sanderson
  • A total of 35 brethren registered up to 6th August 1817 when 14 more were registered.
  • 24th June 1817, Warrant sent in (November 1817)
  • and exchanged for No. 12. I.C. Meeting in the “Porobello Barracks” Dublin from 1821 to 1822

Front Cover of the Ahiman Rezon of Lodge No. 179.I.C.

This very book may have been with the Regimental Baggage on the field of Waterloo.















Front page of Book of Constitution of Lodge No. 179. I.C.
















Title pages of The Book of Constitution of Free-Masonry, or Ahiman Rezon, for Lodge No. 179 I.C.

















12.I.C. 24th June 1817, Warrant No. 12. I.C., granted to the Brethren of Lodge No. 179.I.C. in Exchange.

  • Warrant returned to Grand Lodge 7th June 1827.

179.I.C. Revised old Warrant 5 th June 1868.

  • “Sphinx Lodge”
  • Duplicate Warrant issued, original destroyed.
  • This Lodge also held a Royal Arch Chapter (see returns).
  • Removed from Printed list of Lodges 1891.
















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