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Aims & Objectives - 2021

The Association was formed to encourage Atholl Lodges, and anyone with a connection to or interest in those lodges, to join together in celebrating and preserving our Atholl heritage.

We seek to foster and promote fraternal links amongst our members by:

  • encouraging inter-visiting
  • supporting Atholl celebrations
  • arranging special events
  • giving talks
  • providing information about Atholl matters via our website
  • newsletters and other publications.

Full membership is open to:

  • Atholl lodges
  • associate membership to UGLE recognised lodges with Atholl links
  • affiliate membership to other recognised lodges or individuals with an interest in Atholl history

If you would like more information about the Atholl Association, or an application form, please browse this website.

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Atholl Association Visits

The Association of Atholl Lodges has many experienced, expert and entertaining speakers and the Association is always happy to speak to Atholl Lodges about the history of the Antients Grand Lodge. This resource is available to both Atholl Lodges and those lodges with an association or interest in the Atholl Association. If you would like to arrange a speaker for your lodge then in the first instance please contact the association to begin the process of organising it for you.

Our Atholl banner party are available not only for Atholl Lodge 250th anniversaries but also for other Atholl themed meetings, when we will provide a speaker as well. If you are interested please contact Clive Moore our Liaison Officer.

History Atholl is all about history, and with thanks to our resident historian Ray Sheppard, the new website is able to present much more of the fascinating background to the Antients. We will be continuing to add to these resources, so do keep coming back. And if you have anything to add for the benefit of your fellow Brethren, do please get in touch.


As ever, the latest, and past, issues of our newsletter Antient Writings is available online. Do please feel free to download and share the newsletter with any Brethren you feel may find it of interest. We would also encourage all Atholl Lodge Secretaries to make coppies to share with their Brethren. If YOU have something you would like to share with the rest of the membership, do please get in touch.


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